Addressing Frequently Asked Questions

What is an E-911 Address and Why is it so important?

Enhanced, or E-911 uses physical addresses instead of route and box numbers in order to determine the actual location of your residence in an Emergency. Further, Emergency Personal use these address numbers to locate you quickly in your time of need.


Who assigns my E-911 Address?

If you live “outside” of the City Limits of Henderson, Vance County Emergency Management Addressing Office assigns your address. If you live “inside” of the City Limits of Henderson, the City of Henderson will take care of that for you.

Where do I go to get my E-911 Address assigned?

Because Vance County has Zoning, the best place to start is in our Vance County Planning & Development & Zoning Department located at 156 Church St-Suite 3. However, if you live inside the City Limits or ETJ, you would start with the City of Henderson Zoning Department located at 134 Rose Avenue.

Why do I need to start there first?

This is ultimately where you would start to begin any type of ‘development’ on your lot as this is also where you would obtain all your permits for perk test, recertification of septic and any building permits.  They will make contact with E-911 Addressing with all your information and documentation needed.

What do I need to do to get my E-911 Address?

There is a required form that needs to be filled out. The form is very simple and can be downloaded from a link on the main page or by clicking HERE.  

What if I have questions about this form and how to fill it out?

Our phone number is (252)492-8086.  Our office hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm.  Voice Mail is available where a detail message can be left and your call will be returned.  The Planning & Development Office may be available at 252-738-2093.

Is there other information and/or documents needed besides the E-911 Address Request Form found through this website in order for me to get my E-911 Address?

Yes.  The Documents needed are a Plat or Survey of the property of which there is a residence intended to go.  The other information needed that is very helpful in located your lot is your nearest neighbors.  This valuable information allows E-911 to verify your surroundings and is required. Your Vance County Property Identification Number (PIN) is also additional information you will need in order to exactly locate your property.

Where do I get all this information and/or documentation from that is needed for me to have my E-911 Address assigned if I do not already have it?

You may access the Vance County Website to obtain information at Follow the links for the Vance County Tax Office and Register of Deeds. There you can access information about your Plat/Survey (if recorded). 

What is the best way to turn in my “Address Request Form” and other information and/or documentation to get my E-911 Address?

Because our office is not open to the public, the best way is for it to be taken to the Vance County Planning & Development & Zoning Department, because this information is extremely valuable to them also. OR All the information can be mailed in to our office at156 Church St.-Suite 002, ATTN: Addressing, and will ultimately be shared with the Vance County Planning & Development & Zoning Department.

Why is my E911 Address request information shared with the Vance County Planning & Development & Zoning Department?

Address information, property information and building information are ultimately all linked together by the address as well as the PIN number.

Will my empty lot be assigned a E-911 address?

No, at the time the lot is developed on and permits are obtained through the appreciate permitting office, either the City of Henderson or the County Planning Office or both, through their contact with E911 Addressing, the address will then be assigned.

The process to obtain an address seems complicated, is it really?

No.  A lot of the information that is needed is information that most home and/or property owners already have.  The information needed also is easily obtained through the many above listed resources if not already obtained.

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