Vance County Home of Kerr Lake Tue, 02 Feb 2016 20:06:26 +0000 en hourly 1 County Manager Search Tue, 02 Feb 2016 16:50:09 +0000 kbrown Vance County, North Carolina is inviting applications from highly qualified candidates for the County Manager position. Please see this posting for more details.

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Contact for Reporting Roadway and Traffic Related Complaints Tue, 05 Jan 2016 20:26:39 +0000 jmcmillen Read More]]> Citizens in need of reporting roadway complaints or traffic related complaints or tracking previous complaints are encouraged to visit the new and improved reporting system at  Whether the condition is a pothole, blocked culvert, drainage issue, malfunctioning traffic light or other roadway related issues, NCDOT is readily available to respond.  In addition to this reporting method, The NCDOT Customer Service Office answers the department’s toll-free customer service line, from 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, with extended hours as necessary for emergencies. The can be contacted at 1-877-DOT-4YOU.

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2nd Annual Handcrafted Holiday Market Tue, 17 Nov 2015 18:09:22 +0000 kbrown Read More]]> The Vance County Regional Farmers Market is pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Handcrafted Holiday Market. Come out and shop with over 25 artisans, crafters and farmers as they display their handcrafted wares and local produce for your shopping pleasure. You will find everything from knit scarves to handcrafted soaps to painted décor to fresh baked goods to local produce.

Among these vendors will be students from the Vance-Granville Community College NC REAL Professional Craft Artists Entrepreneurship program. The holiday market will offer hands-on experience to those students who recently completed the seven-week VGCC Small Business Center course, which was designed specifically to help creative local residents with skills in arts and crafts to succeed as entrepreneurs.

Seasonal live music will be provided by The Buggs Island Community Band. A visit from Santa Claus is scheduled from 10 a.m. to noon.

WHEN: November 21, 8:00AM until 3:00PM

WHERE: Vance County Regional Farmers Market, 210 Southpark Drive, Henderson NC


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Hazard Mitigation Plan Survey Fri, 13 Nov 2015 13:32:52 +0000 kbrown Vance County is in the process of updating and regionalizing our Hazard Mitigation Plan and we would like your input. Please click on the link below and complete this short survey. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Hazard Plan Mitigation Survey

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2016 Proposed Schedule of Standards and Values Mon, 09 Nov 2015 18:45:33 +0000 kbrown The 2016 Proposed Schedule of Standards and Values for the Tax Revaluation is available here.

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Update Flood Hazard Data/Maps – Public Meeting Mon, 13 Jul 2015 13:29:43 +0000 jmcmillen Read More]]> RALEIGH – On Tuesday August 4, residents and business leaders in Vance County and its communities will be able to review and discuss the latest flood hazard and flood risk data.

Now available digitally, preliminary flood hazard information can be layered on top of the county’s parcel data so property owners can better determine potential risks to their land. The digital flood maps will be shown from 6:00-7:30 pm in the Perry Memorial Library Farm Bureau Room located at 205 Breckenridge St

Henderson, NC 27536 Residents also can access the flood hazard data online at  Digital flood hazard data also can be viewed by calling the Vance County Planning Department at (252) 738-2080 or the North Carolina Floodplain Mapping Program (NCFMP) at (919) 715-5711.   The August 4th public meeting provides an opportunity for residents to see the results of the revised studies and new flood hazard areas.  County and municipal employees will be on hand to help residents locate particular properties from the flood hazard layer and determine their level of flood risk.  Representatives from the NCFMP will also be available to answer questions about the flood hazard update process, flood insurance coverage and floodplain management.  Attendees also may see a demonstration of the North Carolina Flood Risk Information System.

The North Carolina Floodplain Mapping Program (NCFMP) was established in 2000 with a mandate to update flood hazard data for all 100 counties. Through a partnership with FEMA, the state was charged with creating and maintaining the Flood Insurance Study for all North Carolina communities.  Since 2003 the NCFMP has analyzed, updated and digitized the flood hazard data for all 100 counties and associated communities in North Carolina. This preliminary flood hazard data was developed based on local community requests for new flood hazard risk studies for the updated streams.  Please note that only those portions of the revised streams have been updated. Therefore, some communities in the county will not have new flood hazard data, although adjacent counties may have some updates due to the seamless statewide format for the mapping program.

For more information on an individual property’s flood risk, visit

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Additional Waterline Construction in Dabney & Williamsboro Townships Wed, 27 May 2015 13:07:12 +0000 jmcmillen Read More]]> The County is beginning construction of an additional 5 miles of waterlines in Dabney Township and 5 miles in Williamsboro Township.  The work will begin as early as June 1 and will continue through August of this year.  The roads being completed are as follows:

  • Cedar Hills Mobile Home Park
  • Pine Ridge Trail
  • Carolina Woods Subdivision (Carolina Woods Drive, Pinnacle Place, Royal Court, Meridian Way, Heritage Hill, Legacy Lane)
  • Dabney Woods Subdivision (Dabney Woods Lane, Dabney Woods Drive)
  • Willow Creek Run Subdivision (Willow Creek Run, Willow Creek Circle)
  • Stagecoach Road (Between Memory Lane and Kelly Road)
  • Somerset Plantation (NB Harrison Lane, SB Harrison Lane, US Grant Court, Tyler Court, Somerset Lane)
  • Sunset Lane
  • Pine Trail
  • Water’s Edge Road and Water’s Edge Loop
  • Woodhaven Road
  • Terry & East Terry Lane
  • Flanagan Road
In addition to these roads the County is looking to add the following roads if time permits leading up to the deadline of September 30, 2015 to have the funds spent.  The additional roads being considered include the following:
  • Poplar Creek Road (From Dabney Woods Lane to the South)
  • Morris Wilson Road
  • Louis Williams Road
  • Joe Taylor Road
  • Lakeshore Plantation (Port Drive, Buoy Drive, Pier Drive, Anchor Drive, Countrywood Lane)
  • Thomas Road (private portion)

For more information on the county water project or to sign up for county water at the reduced tap rate of $125 please visit the following:

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Online Social Security Statement. Fri, 05 Sep 2014 13:53:35 +0000 kbrown Read More]]>  Online Social Security Statement. Did you know that you can now access your Social Security information online? The Social Security Administration has a new website feature which allows an individual to set up a personal page and access it at any time. It provides an online version of what used to be mailed out annually, estimates of future retirement benefits, lifetime earnings to date, and the total Social Security and Medicare taxes paid. How do I start? Go to and answer a series of questions to verify your identity, then create a user name and password.

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