Backup 911 Center





In the summer of 2013, Vance County in cooperation with the City of Henderson successfully deployed its fully redundant, state of the art, consolidated backup PSAP (911 Center). This bold but necessary venture demonstrated a strong commitment by both bodies of government that our citizens would be able to call for help should the need arise.

This new facility has the capability of operating for long periods of time (indefinitely if need be) completely independent of the primary location. It can be activated in a moments notice and is ready to be staffed at any time day or night.

The new facility can also operate in conjunction with the primary 911 center if need be effectively doubling our call processing capacity. Its systems, while independent are also interconnected with the primary 911 center. This offers a level of failover capability that is unsurpassed anywhere in North Carolina. The backup center is staffed regularly to ensure that it is mission ready at all times.

This project took nearly two (2) years to complete at a cost of roughly $1,000,000.00 and was funded almost exclusively utilizing funds derived from the Emergency Telephone System Fund.

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