Child Protective Services

Child Protective Services (CPS) is a legally mandated service to families.  The agency is required by law to investigate reports of suspected abuse, neglect, and dependency on children under the age of 18.  We respond to reports of abuse within 24 hours and reports of neglect and dependency within 72 hours.

CPS utilizes the Multiple Response System (MRS), which allows us to choose between two approaches based on the kind of child protection issue reported.  One approach; an investigative assessment, will be used for all reports of child abuse and selected reports of child neglect.  Children are usually interviewed first and law enforcement may be asked to assist.

Most reports of child neglect will be responded to with the second option; a family assessment, which is designed to assure children are safe, to work in partnership with parents to identify family needs, and to avoid negative labels for parents.  Although family assessments are not voluntary, they are intended to promote collaboration between Social Services and the family.  A social worker will typically begin a family assessment by contacting a parent to arrange a visit.  Frequently, the social worker will talk to parents and children together, and parents will be offered the opportunity to participate in interviews with other professionals.

When a report is received the Children’s Services staff obtains facts from the person making the report to determine if the report meets the statutory definition of abuse, neglect or dependency.

Contact Information for the Child Protective Services Supervisor
Sandra Williams, Social Work Supervisor 
Investigation, Assessment, & In-Home Services/Case Management
Telephone:  (252) 436-0407  ext. 3433
Yaisa Howard, Social Work Supervisor
CPS investigations/Assessments/Intake
Telephone (252) 436-0407 ext. 3442
 **Please DO NOT email or leave voicemail messages regarding abuse or neglect matters.  Report concerns of child abuse or neglect by calling (252) 436-0407 and asking for an Intake Social Worker.**


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