Foster Care

Foster Care is a temporary living arrangement for abused, neglected, and dependent children who need a secure place to live when their parents or another relative are unable or unwilling to provide the care they need.

Our foster care unit is dedicated to providing services to children and families who have been separated due to a crisis in the home.  It is our goal to work together with the birth family, foster family, and all professionals involved in the welfare of the child, to return children to their own homes as quickly as possible.  In cases where family reunification is not possible, an alternative permanent plan is followed such as custody with a relative or even adoption.

Contact Information for the Foster Care & Adoption Supervisor
Tojuana Townsend, Social Work Supervisor III
Foster Care/Adoptions/Licensing
Telephone:  (252) 436-0407  ext. 3431

 Should YOU Become a Foster Parent? 

Family Foster Homes provide temporary substitute care for children ages 0-18, who have been removed from their families due to physical, sexual or emotional abuse, neglect, or if the parent is otherwise unavailable.  Foster parents offer day to day care and guidance until the child can be reunited with their birth family, move to a kinship family or permanent adoptive home, or emancipated.  Caseworkers work closely with foster parents to identify and meet the special needs of the child(ren) in their care.  Children in Foster Care are covered by Medicaid insurance and the foster parents are given a monthly board payment to assist with the cost of their care.

What are the basic requirements for becoming a foster parent in Vance County?            

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Have a stable home and income
  • Be willing to be fingerprinted and have a criminal records check
  • Maintain a drug free environment
  • Complete all required training and be licensed by the State of North Carolina

Foster families play a vital role in helping children feel secure and in assisting them with tasks of normal development.  Foster families also assist the child’s birth family with reunification by providing information on the child’s progress, cooperating with visitation, and offering support and encouragement to the child’s parent.

For more information on becoming a Foster or Adoptive Parent contact, Tojuana Townsend, Social Work Supervisor III
Foster Care/Adoptions/Licensing
Telephone: (252) 436-0407 ext. 3431

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