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 122 Young Street, Suite B
Henderson, NC 27536

Departmental Phone Directory

County Manager Jordan McMillen 252-738-2001
Finance Office David Beck 252-738-2006
Tax Office Porcha Brooks 252-738-2040
Soil & Water Conservation Byron Currin 252-438-5727
Social Services Denita Devega 252-492-5001
Recreation Department Kendrick Vann 252-431-6093
Board of Elections Faye Gill 252-492-3730
Veterans Service Linwood Martin 252-438-4619
Fire Department Chris Wright 252-438-6656
Human Resources Argretta Johen 252-738-2014
Economic Development Dennis Jarvis 252-492-2094
Planning/Development Sam Hobgood 252-738-2080
Animal Services Frankie Nobles 252-492-3136
Register of Deeds Cassandra Neal 252-738-2110
Emergency Operations Brian Short 252-438-8264
Library Patti McAnally 252-438-3316 ext.232
Maintenance Brad Weatherington 252-738-2010
Cooperative Extension Turner Pride 252-438-8188
Sheriff Department Curtis Brame 252-738-2200
Information Technology Kevin Brown 252-738-2025
Housing Tampara Whitfield 252-438-6127
Jail Ruby Williams 252-438-3923
Tourism Pam Hester 252-438-2222
Public Health Lisa Harrison 252-492-7915
Mental Health Elliot Clark 252-430-1330

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