Board Appointments

Appointment Vacancies

The Vance County Board of Commissioners is currently soliciting applications for persons interested in serving on the following Board/Commissions/Committees:

  • Adult Care Advisory Committee
  • Henderson Planning Board (applicants must reside in the ETJ)
  • Henderson Zoning Board of AdjustmentsĀ (applicants must reside in the ETJ)
  • Kerr-Tar COG Aging Advisory Committee
  • Nursing Home Advisory Committee
  • Perry Memorial Library Board of Trustees
  • Tourism Development Authority (applicant must have an active role in the promotion of travel/tourism)
  • Vance County Housing Authority (alternate position)
  • Vance County Appearance Commission
  • Vance County Planning Board (applicant must reside in District 4)
  • Vance County PlanningĀ Board (alternate position)
  • Vance County ZoningĀ Board of Adjustments (alternate position)

Applicants must be a Vance County resident and willing to devote time, attention and effort needed to fulfill member duties and participate actively and constructively in the business of the Board, Commission or Committee.

Applications may be obtained by using the link below, or in the office of the Clerk to the Board located in the County Administration Building, 122 Young Street, Suite B, Henderson, NC 738-2003.


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