Soil and Water Conservation



Mission Statement:

To conserve, enhance and promote the natural resources of Vance County by providing leadership in technical assistance, conservation education, and economic incentives.

Department Overview:

The Vance County Soil and Water Conservation District, a political subdivision of state government, provides local assistance in natural resource management.  The district helps land users and land owners implement best management practices, offers cost share programs that effect water quality and soil health, and provides environmental education to encourage public awareness of soil and water conservation.  The district is involved in helping the citizens of Vance County resolve resource problems that are created and works with other local agencies to conserve and protect the resources we have available.  The district board is made up of five supervisors (two appointed and three elected).  The Board meets on the second Thursday of every month at 8:00 a.m. in the Vance Soil and Water Conference Room located at 853 S. Beckford Drive, Suite C, Henderson, NC 27536.

Issues of Concern:

Water Quality, Nutrient Management, Erosion Reduction, Natural Resources, Waste Management, Cropland, Grazed Land, Forest Land, Wildlife Habitat, Soils, Agricultural Sustainability, Environmental and Economic Impacts of Agriculture, and Storm Water Run-Off.


  • Charles Powell – Chairman
  • Thomas Farmer – Vice Chairman
  • Ardis Crews – Secretary
  • Rodney Dickerson – Member
  • B.K. Stainback – Member


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