Early Voting Begins This Week โ€“ Skip the Lines

Early voting began this week and is available for citizens at the Aycock Recreation Complex (307 Carey Chapel Road) or at the City Operations Center (900 S. Beckford Drive).ย  Days and hours for early voting are as follows:

October 15 โ€“ 16 (8AM โ€“ 7:30PM)

October 17 (8AM โ€“ 6PM)

October 19 โ€“ 23 (8AM โ€“ 7:30PM)

October 24 โ€“ 25 (1PM โ€“ 6PM)

October 26 โ€“ 30 (8AM โ€“ 7:30PM)

October 31 (8AM โ€“ 3PM)

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