Tax Administration

Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Vance County Tax Office is to ensure that all citizens are provided a fair, accurate and equitable ad valorem taxation process, while providing excellent customer service to all customers, both internal and external.

Brief History:

The Vance County Tax Office was established in its current form in 1927.  Prior to that, the County Sheriff was responsible for the collection of property taxes.

Department Overview:

In Vance County, the offices of the Tax Assessor and the Tax Collector are combined into a single office. This office is responsible for listing, appraising and assessing all real and personal property, property ownership changes, collection of all current and delinquent taxes, Hotel/Motel Occupancy taxes, and Beer and Wine licenses. The Tax Administrator is an appointed office. The Board of Commissioners makes the appointment as prescribed by the General Statutes of North Carolina. The Tax Administrator reports to the Board of County Commissioners and serves at the pleasure of the Board, but is also responsible to the County Manager, The Department of Revenue, Ad Valorem Tax Division and the Property Tax Commission in Raleigh and must uphold the laws of North Carolina by taking the oath of office as required by the laws of North Carolina.


Porcha C. Brooks Tax Administrator
Jennifer D. Williams Assistant Tax Administrator
Cathy E. Renn Property Valuation Manager
Jonathan L. Morris Real Property Appraiser
Claire R. Fuller Personal Property Appraiser
Carrie B. Reddick Personal Property Appraiser
Mattie F. Marrow Tax Collections Specialist
Sandra B. Durham Tax Collections Specialist
Rachel D. Crews Tax Customer Service Representative

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