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**Upcoming Foreclosure Sales


Date Time Parcel ID Address
7/17/2024 2:00pm 0111 02019 Skenes Ave


**All Vance County tax foreclosure sales take place in the lobby of the Vance County Courthouse at 156 Church Street unless otherwise indicated.

Under G.S. 105 -374, Vance County may sell real property subject to tax liens for delinquent ad valorem taxes.  In such cases, a civil action is filed with the Vance County Clerk of Court, District Court Division seeking a court order authorizing the County to sell the parcel upon which the taxes are owed. The plaintiff will be the County and the defendant(s) will be the owner of record as of the date the taxes became delinquent and spouse (if any), any subsequent owner, all other taxing units (if not already a plaintiff), all other lienholders of record.  Multiple delinquent parcels owned by the same taxpayer may be joined in one foreclosure action.  The tax foreclosure complaint seeks an Order of Sale authorizing the county to sell the property to collect the delinquent taxes, fees, and court costs, including reasonable attorney fees incurred by the plaintiff.  After all parties have been served with process and upon the expiration of the time for defendants to file a responsive pleading or after a responsive pleading is filed, the matter is ready for hearing by the court. Provided the plaintiff meets its burden of proof, an Order of Sale will be issued authorizing the appointment of a commissioner to conduct the tax foreclosure sale after due notice and public advertisement to the parties entitled thereto.  Notices of Sale are posted in the courthouse no less than 20 days prior to the date of sale.  Additionally, the Notice of Sale is published in The Daily Dispatch once a week for two weeks prior to sale.  The actual tax foreclosure sale is done by the court appointed commissioner at a public auction at the courthouse on the date and time designated in the notice of sale.  The minimal bid for each parcel will be determined by the delinquent taxes, fees, and costs (including court costs & attorney fees) owed thereon.  A deposit of 5% of the bid will be required at the sale.

Upset Bids

Each parcel sold is subject to a 10 Day “upset bid” period during which the bid may be raised by a minimal statutory amount of 5% or $750.00, whichever is greater.  Once the parcel goes 10 days without being “upset”, the sale must be confirmed by the court after which the sale becomes final.  At any time prior to confirmation, the taxpayer may redeem their property by payment of all delinquent taxes, fees, and costs (including court costs & attorney fees) owed thereon.  Redemption prior to confirmation essentially stops the foreclosure process and any bid deposits made thereon will be returned to the bidder.  Buyers at tax foreclosure sales are given a Commissioner’s Deed and no representations, warranties or guarantees of any kind are made by the County or Commissioner with respect to these tax foreclosure sales.


Each property is being sold as-is, buyer beware, and it is the duty of any bidder to investigate the property on their own prior to making any bid.  All tax foreclosure sales are final sales subject only to upset bids or redemption by the taxpayer prior to confirmation.  Sales are not subject to financing or marketable title, etc.  After confirmation, bidders are generally given no more than 20 days to remit the balance of their bid.  Bidders who default will forfeit their deposits and may be liable to the County for the costs of resale and for any difference in sale price if the property brings less during a resale than their original bid.

All Vance County foreclosure sales are made subject to all outstanding City and County taxes and all local improvement assessments against the properties offered for sale that are not included in the judgment of each entitled cause herewith. A deposit of five percent (5%) of the successful bid will be required the day of the sale.

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