Zoning/Rezoning Information

Vance County has adopted a county-wide zoning ordinance.  Every parcel of land has a specific zoning designation which carries allowable uses.  The purpose of zoning and its associated regulations is to achieve compatible development of land within the county (separation of uses that are incompatible or harmful).  This should be done in a manner that promotes the public’s health, safety, and general welfare.  Zoning should also promote efficiency, energy conservation, and economy in development as well as make adequate provisions for vehicular traffic, promote desirable living conditions and stable neighborhoods.

A majority of the county is zoned Agricultural-Residential (AR) which allows for single and two-family housing and farming uses.  The intent of the AR zoning is to encourage the continuance of agricultural uses as well as to ensure that residential development will occur at sufficient densities to provide for a range of housing opportunities throughout the county.  The regulations also are intended to ensure that residential development having access and connectivity to public water and sanitary sewer systems will occur within a healthful environment.

If your propery’s zoning designation and permitted uses do not coincide with your desired use, you will likely need to rezone all or part of your property prior to beginning any development or construction.  Please click here for a step-by-step description of the rezoning process.  The process generally takes 60 to 90 days from start to finish, although it will take longer if the Board(s) request more time for consideration.

How do I determine the zoning of my property?

Please utilize our GIS Map Viewer to check your property’s zoning designation, or contact our department, at (252) 738-2080 for information regarding zoning and permitted uses.

When is a Zoning Permit Required?

A zoning permit is a very early step in the development permitting process and is required before any land is used or occupied or before any building is erected, structurally altered, moved, or its use changed.  Click here for a guide to the complete Vance County permitting process including zoning, environmental health and inspections.

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