• Scanned all land records and index records which are accessible on the internet, dating back to 1881.
  • Installed three (3) public retrieval computers in house for accessibility of all recorded land documents.
  • All plats (maps) are accessible to public on the internet and on public retrieval computers in house.
  • Acquired wide map scanning-printing machine to scan and print recorded maps in house.
  • Redacted Social Security numbers and Driver License numbers from digital records that date back thru 1935.
  • Digitized all Birth, Death and Marriage records that date back to 1913.
  • Installed three (3) public retrieval computers in vital record area for public use.
  • Marriage license application Kiosk for public use is available.
  • Cross training all staff to maximize customer service.
  • Established Register of Deeds Website
  • Recorded Real Estate Records are accessible on the Internet and in house  within 5 to 10 minutes of recording.
  • Indexing of Vital Records (Birth, Deaths and Marriages) for easier searching in house only.
  • Online Vital Request application, where you can order birth, death & marriage certificates online that you can pay with a debt/credit card with fees that apply.
  • Preservation on marriage licenses 1895-1920.
  • Marriage License online application is now available online for applicants who has made an appt in our office for their marriage licenses.

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